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The DESERT DESIGN LAB helps small & medium sized businesses stay current in design and technology.  DDL builds and updates (aka refreshes) brands, mobile apps & websites for all types of people and businesses — from individuals to mom & pop shops and global corporations  — helping them share their stories by creating impactful and easy-to-manage digital solutions.

Our team of designers and editors concept and design each site as a unique creation. They craft every detail that makes your site stand out.  You can add photo galleries or portfolios to showcase your work or products, a store to sell those products or services, a blog to share news, and much more.  We can take your existing site from blah to amazing - and reduce your recurring costs.  


Founder, JEFF KING, is a senior creative executive.  Jeff formally led digital teams on projects for brands including The OscarsThe Emmy Awards, Indy500, The Grammys, American Idol, as well as worked at ABC and FOX Broadcasting - the latter of which he left as Vice President & General Manager of Entertainment.

Jeff loves creating content as beautiful things.  He surrounds himself with creative people who are talented at their craft - whether it be graphic design or deep coding.  Teamwork is critical for success and we believe we have the right combination to bring amazing things to your projects.  Jeff King is also known as a professional photographer and has won several international awards for his work.  He currently resides in Palm Springs, California.

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