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Making your digital footprint look good, while staying on trend and using the latest technologies are all key to a successful website.  Too many have been sold way more than they need from salespeople who over promise and under deliver (or never deliver). 

You (most likely) don't need or want  a Wordpress or Joomla website unless you're doing heavy ecommerce or a lot of hosted scheduling, event booking, ticket sales, etc.  Wordpress is a powerful tool, but often people are sold a website with headaches they don't need that are more expensive up front and have a monthly maintenance cost on top of hosting.  This no longer necessary for most businesses - regardless of size. 

We can work with whatever format your site is currently hosted on to convert it to a managed hosting solution where technical maintenance is taken care of for you (Squarespace, Wix, SiteBuilder, etc).  You just update your content - which is very easy to do!



Wordpress Refresh - We leave your site on Wordpress and update it on your existing server - or can migrate to better if required.  DDL are Wordpress experts. The purpose of this WP Refresh is to bring sites that are slightly (or completely) out of date in WP technology and style up to date by updating core elements of Wordpress, plug-ins, and other WP elements.

$1450 +

New Site from Scratch - We can do this on a hosted solution or Wordpress.  We put all of our design and technical resource behind all new projects. Brainstorming sessions are encouraged.  Starting from the blank page can be daunting, we understand.  We bring years of expertise to the table.  Let's build something together.  Budgets are always respected.


Starting at



Flat Fee Site Refresh - We can do this for most sites that don't already have major e-commerce sales, or other heavy database intensive applications. The purpose of this is to refresh sites that are slightly (or completely) out of date in technology and style.  We take all of your existing content and with your direction we give it a slight makeover or update or anything you want, within reason.  We move you onto a hosted server platform (Squarespace, Wix, etc) with your own account directly with the host. 



Other Services - Logo/brand design, business cards, stationery, logo on products, photography, retouching...  We offer hourly or fixed rate design services for just about anything.  Just ask.



Give us a call!  We'd love to talk about working together!

760-321-3250 (Palm Springs)

Thanks! Message sent.

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